Cross-posting from Twitter

We recommend the Mastodon Twitter Crossposter service to mirror your Twitter activity to FGC.Network seamlessly.

  • Click the "Twitter" button, sign in and authorize the application.

  • Click the "Mastodon" button, type your [email protected] and click Log In. Log in to FGC.Network if needed and authorize the application.

  • Click "Options" in the top-right menu.

  • To post from Twitter to FGC.Network, click "Post my Tweets to Mastodon."

  • To post from FGC.Network to Twitter, click "Posts my Toots to Twitter."

  • Click "Update User" to save your preferences.

By default, all of your original tweets will be posted publicly, and all Retweets (including Quote Retweets) will be Unlisted.

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