Frequently Asked Questions

Does FGC.Network use Mastodon?

FGC.Network is powered by Pleroma, which is a microblogging service based on the ActivityPub protocol.

Using ActivityPub, FGC.Network can communicate with many other services including Mastodon and Pixelfed. This collective of "instances" that host these services is called "federated social networks" and abbreviated as the fediverse.

Using Federation, FGC.Network enables you to find, follow and interact with your friends no matter where they choose to sign up for an account.

I'm using the Mastodon app, and I'm having issues.

The Mastodon official app is notoriously buggy even on official deployments. Pick a different app from our recommendations.

Why can't I see the follow button when logged in?

Some adblockers or script blockers will prevent you from being able to follow other users. Please add an exception for FGC.Network, we do not serve ads or tracking scripts.

What is the maximum file size allowed as an attachment?

Our current file upload limit is 30MB per attachment.

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